Laura Maziejka

Laura Maziejka

Administrative Assistant

Laura Maziejka, administrative assistant, works closely with the entire 2112 team, from sales and marketing to research and operations, enhancing the flow of information with staff members and clients.


She manages the CEO’s calendar, schedules meetings, handles all accounts receivable, prepares statements of work, assists with project management, and performs HR and payroll duties. With her ample creativity, patience, and determination, she’s the ideal point-of-contact for clients and liaison among 2112 departments.


Prior to joining 2112, Maziejka spent five years at Flemington Furs, America’s largest fur distributor, as operations manager. In that role, she developed selling strategies to increase monthly revenue, planned events to maximize brand awareness, and assigned sales goals to employees. Before that, she worked as sales director for a Saks Fifth Avenue silent partner, where she supervised co-workers on the sales team and established sales goals and strategies.

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