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Unfortunately, the number of companies with actual growth plans is surprisingly lower than most would believe. In fact, many business owners do not set growth targets for their companies or employees, thus they are unable to identify what it will take to achieve these arbitrary goals.

To simplify the fundamentals of what can be an overwhelming process, The 2112 Group developed the Growth Calculator to offer guidance on what it takes to grow a business.


The 2112 Growth Calculator assesses our clients’ propensity for growth, allowing us to advise on where they can make additional investments. The results provide performance expectations, giving clients a better sense of where to target resources and adjust planning as needed. Leveraging this tool, we work with our clients to help them create a strategy based on metrics that align with attainable objectives to increase revenues over a defined time period.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

One of the biggest challenges partners encounter in the market are the obstacles they face in their pursuit of growth. But let’s take a step back.

What if they don’t know how to grow? Or for that matter, how much they want to grow?

These are self-inflicted hurdles to progress. The good news about that is they can be avoided.

Getting started: Using the 2112 Growth Calculator v2.0, partners have an opportunity to enter a few discrete — but critical — data points to build a customized snapshot of their revenue and profit history. The information provided enables our proprietary analytics engine to give partners a crystal clear picture of the current health and direction of their business.


Next up: The 2112 Growth Calculator goes beyond plotting revenue growth. Our tool is customizable, able to capture discrete pieces of information and data to add depth to a partner’s growth aspirations, trajectory and investment needs. Through a more thorough analysis, partners acquire a better sense of what it will take to grow their business. For vendors, the analysis provides intelligence on partner capabilities, needs and potential.


What’s the takeaway? Partners receive results immediately after completing the 2112 Growth Calculator. Their unique report shows the state of their business with key indicators to future success. Ready for more good news? The output is according to their input. The validity of information a partner enters will directly impact the applicability of the insight delivered by the report. For vendors using the 2112 Growth Calculator, the aggregated data provides a detailed analysis of the state of your channel network, including which partners have the best chances for growth, potential opportunities for accelerated sales, and identification of gaps in coverage and enablement.

2112 Growth Calculator
Privacy concerns?
Data is kept anonymous unless a partner chooses to provide their contact information. If they want to remain nameless, the only data 2112 collects as an identifier is a zip code.


Why does this matter? Growth matters — for partners, and vendors. Our research finds only 58% of solution providers have a formal growth strategy — and most of those strategies are incomplete or unexecuted. Growth doesn’t happen by accident. You have to plan for it, again and again — and by using the 2112 Growth Calculator, 2112 can help vendors and partners chart the course needed to achieve it.


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