2112 Investor

Channel profitability is typically hidden in terms such as product margins, value-add opportunities and incentives. In fact, few vendors or partners talk about costs and ROI.

Through our research and practice, we’ve found that by quantifying the total cost of partnership, we are able to provide partners with real guidance on sales performance and ROI targets. And, once targets are set, performance can be measured to ensure goals are met.


2112 Investor calculates the total cost of partnership, the partner milestones to achieve ROI, and required investments to reach profitability. This service combines investment strategy and operational management for optimal partner business planning.


What You Get:


  • A full and validated calculation of partnership costs
  • Four partner sales scenarios for achieving partnership ROIs
  • Enablement materials for training partners
  • Competitive ROI analysis (optional)
  • Recommendations for improving ROI equation

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