The 2112 Group Launches New Service for Calculating Cost of Technology Partnerships

2112 Investor enables technology vendors to calculate total cost of partnership to determine channel investment strategy and operational management for maximum partner ROI and profitability


PORT WASHINGTON, NY, Sept. 15, 2015 – The 2112 Group, the leader in channel strategy and partner enablement, announces the availability of a new service, 2112 Investor, which calculates the costs associated with operationalizing a reseller partnership and provides specific guidance on achieving return on channel investment.

Following extensive research and engagement with its clients, The 2112 Group has found it’s possible to provide technology vendors and their partners with concrete guidance on sales performance and ROI targets by quantifying the total cost of partnership. Through data collection and analysis, 2112 Investor determines the minimum level of partner investment and scenarios for achieving ROI.

“Channel profitability is typically hidden in terms such as product margins, value-add opportunities, and incentives. In fact, few vendors or partners talk about costs and ROI,” said Lawrence M. Walsh, CEO and chief analyst of The 2112 Group. “To achieve profitability, vendors and partners must strategically apply investments and resources toward reaching their mutual and respective goals, rather than approaching the market opportunistically.”

2112 Investor calculates the total cost of partnership, partner milestones needed to achieve ROI, and required investments to reach profitability. The service offers guidance on investment strategy and operational management for optimal partner business planning. Clients receive:

  • A validated calculation of partnership costs
  • Partner sales scenarios for achieving partnership ROI
  • Enablement materials for training partners
  • Recommendations for improving ROI equations

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