2112 Channel IQ Quiz

2112 Channel IQ


1. What does it mean when we say that the channel acts as a “force multiplier”?
2. Which vendor established one of the first formal channel programs in the early 1980s?
3. What is the main benefit of tiered channel partner programs?
4. What is the main reason why some vendors offer deal registration incentives?
5. What is the purpose of a service-level agreement (SLA)?
6. What does the channel provide to vendors?
7. The purpose of a partner portal is to provide partners with what kind of materials and support?
8. Market development funds (MDF) are monies provided by vendors to partners for what kinds of activities?
9. What is RMM?
10. Few partners are exclusive to one vendor. On the average, how many vendors does the average partner actively work with on a regular basis?