Intelligence that Drives Fact-Based Decision Making

What delivers value isn’t creating content for content’s sake; it’s creating content that compels clearly defined action and leads to results.

2112 offers research-based thought leadership and strategic guidance through a variety of content types that provide prescriptive direction for building better partner businesses. Our content acts as a bridge when communication needs aren’t being met, whether the disconnect is between vendors and partners or partners and customers. 2112 can develop the content clients need, from Did You Know Guides and 2112 Briefings that convey a value proposition to reports and custom guides that facilitate the implementation of a new go-to-market strategy, to get the results they want.


These offerings provide prescriptive guidance supported by facts.


As an expert in applied objective and subjective research, 2112 provides clients with data on market trends and dynamics, and converts that intelligence into practice. The guidance we provide isn’t based on guesswork; it’s backed by field research.

Wonder how that makes a difference?

Ask us.

2112 Intelligence provides a foundation based on knowledge and experience



Leverage analytics instead of assumptions to choose the best steps for your company that result in the most promising path to success.

Strategic Content

Strategic Content

Convey product messaging and value propositions clearly through a variety of strategic content offerings.

Training and Workshops

Training & Workshops

Advance business capabilities through a course on effective operational planning, growth strategies, or CAM training.

Expert Voices

Expert Voices

Engage industry experts to deliver keynotes and presentations that combine research findings and actual experience.