SMB500 Growth Calculator 2015

The 2112 Growth Calculator for the Ingram Micro SMB 500 is a tool for helping you better understand historical, aspirational and actual growth. By sharing information through the 2112 Growth Calculator, you will receive a detailed analysis about the fiscal health of your company and your relative growth potential. The information, which is completely confidential, will also help us gain better understanding of your development and growth needs, and lead to the creation of new programs and tools to help companies like yours succeed.

A few tips for using the 2112 Growth Calculator:
-- The calculator needs real data. Estimates, however, are acceptable if you don't know or don't want to share specific numbers.
-- Honesty helps. The more honest you are in answer the questions, the more accurate the results are.
-- Complete the entire questionnaire. The more complete the participation, the better the results.

If you have any questions about the 2112 Growth Calculator, please contact [email protected]

Revenue and Goals
What was your total (gross) revenue for calendar year 2014?
What was your gross revenue, in dollars, for the following years? (Optional)
What was your gross profit, in dollars, for the following years? (Optional)
When thinking about the growth of your business, how much gross revenue do you want your company to generate in 2018?
What is your company’s target gross profit percentage (net revenue before taxes, interest and deductions)?
In what city is your company’s primary location (responsible for at least 50 percent of your sales)?
What do you consider an acceptable annual growth rate?