SMB 500 Review Checklist

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Question 1. Do you have a formal business plan?
Question 2. If you have a business plan, does it include any of the following:
Question 3. Does your company have any of the following roles assigned to individuals as a primary job function?
Question 4. How satisfied are you with your business plan?
Question 5. How beneficial is your business plan in organizing and driving your business forward?
Question 6. Do you have a strategic plan for growth?
Question 7. What is your company's annual growth goal?
Question 8. How many vendors do you actively work with?
Question 9. Do you build business and growth plans with vendors?
Question 10. Do you set goals for your vendors?
Question 11. What opportunities do you see for your business over the next 12-18 months?
Question 12. What are you doing to capitalize on these opportunities?
Question 13. What challenges do you have in your business operations and achieving goals?
Question 14. What do you anticipate your 2015 revenue will be?
Question 15. What do you think your 2015 profit will be, as a percentage?
Question 16. What is an acceptable rate of annual growth?
Question 17. As a percentage, how much of your net revenue do you reinvest in your business?
Question 18. Which of the following distributors do you source products and services from the most? (Select one)
Question 19. Where do you get the majority of your industry news and information? (select two)
Question 20. Company Name