Products Designed to Drive Actionable Results

Our products allow clients to initiate strategic plans and engage in repeatable processes for achieving goals and accelerating short- and long-term value.


We leverage automation in some of our key products – 2112 Assessor, 2112 Investor, 2112 Profiler, 2112 Blueprint and 2112 Growth Calculator – to collect and analyze client data. Then we use that data to develop a strategic business plan for achieving defined goals within prescribed time frames.


These products allow for fact-based versus emotional decision-making.


By taking a holistic approach to strategic planning and establishing clear objectives early on, we reduce the risk of failure substantially. In addition, success becomes a repeatable process.


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2112 Products leverage data and analytics to architect repeatable success

2112 Assessor

2112 Assessor

Improve existing channel program, set expectations and plan for future performance targets


2112 Investor

Combine investment strategy and operational management for optimal partner business planning

2112 Growth Calculator

2112 Growth Calculator

Assess partner propensity for growth by plotting historical revenue and future goals to determine planning needs


2112 Blueprint

Leverage prescriptive guidance and steps to achieve goals in alignment with vendor objectives


2112 Profiler

Correlate partner investment levels and performance rates against attributes in 2112’s 3Cs Methodology