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Channel Conflict Report 2012


Every sales system has conflict. The IT channel is rife with it between vendors and solution providers, as well as solution providers and their peers. The 2112 Group studied this persistent problem to gain a better understanding of the levels, sources and causes of channel conflict. The result is the 2112 Channel Conflict 2012 Report.

In this study, 2112 details the issues and trends of channel conflict, including these points:

  • Defining channel conflict
  • Current rate of channel conflict
  • Account segmentation and channel separation
  • Go-to-market models: Direct vs. indirect
  • Deal registration and other conflict management strategies
  • Channel conflict sources and causes
  • Resolving conflict: Who gets it done
  • Best practice: Establishing rules of engagement
  • Recommendations for curtailing channel conflict

The result of this study is a baseline that gives vendors, service providers, solution providers, distributors and other channel actors a foundation for understanding, managing and measuring channel conflict.

This report is available by subscription or individual purchase.

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