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Channel Business Acumen Report 2012


The channel is based on technology: Vendors produce technology, distributors manage the logistics of technology and solution providers sell aggregated technology as solutions. This value chain is dependent on the end-to-end sales and revenue performance of each actor, and performance is a reflection of the business structure, management and execution of business models that drive toward predefined goals. The channel leans on its technical skills and acumen for developing and delivering solutions, but it falls short in sales, marketing and business discipline.

In the 2112 Channel Business Acumen Report, The 2112 Group reveals the impact of business structure, management experience and execution discipline on operational performance, revenue, growth and profitability. Through this exclusive study, 2112 quantifies the relationship between business acumen and solution-provider performance. The results show when channel programs fall short of expectations, why solution providers grow at variable rates and how embracing “radical fundamentals” will greatly benefit total channel performance.

In this study, 2112 details the issues and trends of channel business acumen,
including these points:

  • Solution providers’ aspirations and goals
  • Business management composition and structure
  • Channel development funding sources
  • Acceptable vs. actual channel growth rates
  • Channel obstacles to growth
  • Need for new and better business performance metrics

The result of this study is a baseline that gives vendors, service providers, solution providers, distributors and other channel actors a foundation for understanding the need for business management principles in channel operations.

This report is available by subscription or individual purchase.

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