2112 Channel IQ Quiz

2112 Channel IQ


1. Which statement best describes the state of channel partner recruitment and participation today?
2. What is the main benefit of tiered channel partner programs?
3. Which conditions need to be in place for a vendor to be considered "channel-centric"?
4. What benefit(s) does an end user gain in working with a channel partner?
5. What does the channel provide to vendors?
6. Few partners are exclusive to one vendor. On the average, how many vendors does the average partner actively work with on a regular basis?
7. Partner profitability is whose responsibility?
8. What is a "born-in-the-cloud" partner?
9. Which of the following is NOT currently a key performance indicator (KPI) for vendors looking to evaluate partners?
10. What does it mean when we say that the channel acts as a “force multiplier”?