The 2112 Team

We are often asked, “What makes 2112 different?”

The answer is simple and complicated: “We” make us different.

The 2112 team brings a cross-disciplinary skillset that offers our clients more than just one viewpoint. With experience that ranges from channel management, journalism, investment banking and product development, to research, marketing and media, we are able to advise companies on the challenges they face with channel conflict, go-to-market strategies, complex integration following an M&A deal and the growing pains of launching multi-level partner enablement programs.


With over 100 years of collective experience, we have seen a lot, and we bring the lessons learned to the field each day so our clients can benefit from our knowledge and understanding of the industry.


Wonder how we make a difference?

Ask us

Larry Walsh, The 2112 Group

Larry Walsh

CEO & Chief Analyst

Alex Hart

SVP, Strategic Services

Chris Gonsalves

Chris Gonsalves

VP Research

Bryn Nettesheim

Bryn Nettesheim

Senior Analyst

Mark Kielty

Director, Business Development & Operations

Michelle S. Passaro

Director, Creative Services

Michele P. Warren

Michele P. Warren

Managing Editor

Diana Mirakaj, The 2112 Group

Diana L. Mirakaj

Senior Advisor