2112…Building Better Channels

Intentions are admirable – but in business, it’s all about outcomes.

The 2112 Group is a business strategy firm focused on improving the performance of technology companies’ direct and indirect channels through our portfolio of market-leading products and services.


We leverage proprietary intelligence with qualitative research, market analysis, tools, and enablement programs.


Our industry experts approach each engagement by applying innovative solutions customized to meet the needs of our clients. By looking at the technology market from the viewpoint of vendors, partners and end users, The 2112 Group is uniquely positioned to develop go-to-market strategies that are beneficial to all parties from both a channel and enterprise perspective.

2112 Defined.

If you’re wondering what “2112” means, you’re not alone.

We get that question a lot.


2112 is a homage to objectiveness philosopher and individualist Ayn Rand and her book, “Anthem.” The same book that inspired the Rush concept album, “2112.” Our founder, Larry Walsh, is a huge Rush fan and was inspired to become a writer and critical thinker by Rand’s books.


So, naming The 2112 Group after these two inspirations not only reflects the origins of Larry’s thinking, but also captures our philosophy of treating customers as individuals and pushing the limits of what’s possible in business technology.