The 2112 Group offers a portfolio of services, products and channel programs that meet the specific strategic needs of technology companies regardless of size, geographic location and industry vertical. We have worked with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 100 vendors to innovative start-ups leveraging many of our customized offerings. 2112 asks difficult questions and offers honest feedback, and as a result, we uncover solutions that enable us to drive impactful results through improved performance.

Highlighted programs available through the ASAP EPP Program include:

Achieving Profitability Through Partnerships
The 2112 Group works with vendors to provide existing and future partners with guidance on how to achieve profitability, extending the conversation beyond just margins and incentives. Leveraging 2112’s proprietary tools and methodologies, vendors get a full breakdown of partnership costs relative to different types of markets, products, and partners. Additionally, they gain the ability to offer partners guidance on sales objectives for achieving ROI and sustaining profitability.

Identifying the Right Customers for Your Business
The 2112 Group provides insights into development of customer personas who will consume their products and services, as well as what partners will need to engage with customers. In creating these personas, inclusive of needs analysis, use cases and sales strategies, common sales objections and challenges, 2112 keeps one goal in mind: acquiring revenue through targeted customer identification. As a result, participants learn to craft sales and marketing messages that address buyers from start to finish of the buying cycle.

Creating a Business Plan for Growth
The 2112 Group customizes its Growth Calculator to provide participants with an elemental tool to help define their growth goals and how they compare to the rest of the market. 2112 will add specific demographic questions, as provided by the host client, to identify specific attributes and needs of the client’s user community. 2112 will provide the client with the full data set plus an analysis on the performance and potential of its partner community. The report received by each participant will provide intelligence on capabilities, needs and potential, which combined offers a snapshot on the current state of their business with key indicators of future success.

Optimizing Your Channel & Partnerships
The 2112 Group provides fact-based analysis, enabling vendors and solutions providers to make better decisions about the partnerships they engage in. 2112 take leverages the intelligence gathered from our research and fully integrates it with the 2112 3C’s Methodology of a client’s sales, marketing and technical delivery teams to explore how delivery of a 360-degree go-to-market strategy can provide the best route to improved performance and revenue generation. Additionally, 2112 conducts high-level evaluation of channel operations and structures to create plans that supports attainment of collective objectives.

Outcome-Based Selling: Solutions vs. Transactions
The 2112 Group delivers a high-touch sales training workshop to address strategic solution selling that drives business outcomes for increased revenue growth and expansion of market share. Utilizing its own proprietary content, 2112 will leverage an online assessment in advance of the workshop to tailor aspects of the material specifically for the client. This training is typically performed over the course of a two-day workshop.

Marketing Best Practices Enablement
The 2112 Group provides this on-demand training session to cover the most current and effective marketing activities needed to grow a channel partner business. In addition to addressing the most effective components required to achieve positive results, 2112 also provides partners with the right formula for successful marketing execution. This session includes guidance on tracking, reporting, and measuring success.