2112 Channel IQ Quiz

2112 Channel IQ


1. On average, which vendor position is considered the most valued and trusted by partners?
2. Partners tend to have higher rates of growth when they have which of the following attributes?
3. Which of the following best describes “OpEx” revenue?
4. Which of the following does a solution provider have to do when it becomes a vendor’s channel partner?
5. Partner profitability is whose responsibility?
6. Which of the following is NOT a mechanism for managing and mitigating channel conflict between vendors and partners?
7. Few partners are exclusive to one vendor. On the average, how many vendors does the average partner actively work with on a regular basis?
8. Market development funds (MDF) are monies provided by vendors to partners for what kinds of activities?
9. The purpose of a partner portal is to provide partners with what kind of materials and support?
10. Most channel programs operate with a small number of partners producing the majority of indirect sales revenue to the vendor. What is the typical ratio of producing partner to underperforming partner?