2112 Channel IQ Quiz

2112 Channel IQ


1. Why do some vendors establish hard decks?
2. Partner profitability is whose responsibility?
3. Partners that are not badged resellers, but whose role is to guide end users on selecting technology solutions and getting the most out of their investments, are called:
4. Which of the following should a vendor NOT do to increase partner engagement and performance during difficult economic times?
5. What is the purpose of a service-level agreement (SLA)?
6. What does the channel provide to vendors?
7. Partners tend to have higher rates of growth when they have which of the following attributes?
8. Which statement best describes the state of channel partner recruitment and participation today?
9. The purpose of a partner portal is to provide partners with what kind of materials and support?
10. What does it mean when we say that the channel acts as a “force multiplier”?